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Hunter X Hunter Filler List + Canon List [2022]

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Hunter x Hunter is perhaps a Yoshihiro Togashi manga-based animation program proposed by Madhouse Studios. The show is the latest animated version of the comic, and it simply chooses to continue in the very beginning section rather than just completing what has been done either by the 1999 Nippon animated show.

The collection is directed with the aid of Hiroshi Kōjina; the tale script is with the aid of Jun Maekawa, and person designs with the aid of using Takahiro Yoshima.

This one has been se-realized in Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine beginning 16 March 1998, though its series has sometimes passed on prolonged periods following 392 sections being compiled by Shueisha into 37 tankōbon collections in Japan in November 2019.

Hunter x Hunter filler episode guide:

At the moment, the manga has 390 episodes. It goes on pause sometimes, and it’s on pause even to this day so the show continues on   First it began in 1999. 1st season w included 62 episodes compromising three OVAs. 1st OVA has eight episodes (Phantom Troupe), 2nd OVA has eight episodes (Greed Island) 3rd OVA has fourteen episodes (Greed Island Final).

So perhaps the classic anime, in particular, comprises 92 episodes in the season but because there seemed to have not much material up later then they had to quit replicating the show after the Greed Island arc. Even then, they planned to Create a re-release after 10 years in 2011 with modern anime content, theme tune, respectively. The edition of 2011 has 148 episodes. And encompasses the manga before the “Election Series”.  Although the series remains ongoing but goes on pause sometimes, they really don’t have that much material to illustrate so they ended in episode 148 just after “major arc “was ended. Fiar to say, the Hunter x Hunter series has a lot of fillers

Hunter x Hunter Canon List:

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

Hunter x Hunter Filler List:

13, 26

Hunter x Hunter Filler guide:

A TV show that appeared between 2011 till 2014 was Hunter x Hunter (2011). In general 148 episodes of Hunter, × Hunter was broadcast. Hunter x Hunter has a quite low filler rate of 1 percent with a minimum of 2 recorded filler episodes.

Story arcs of Hunter x Hunter

In general, all such Hunters are permitted to wander the planet, catch the most deadly criminals, explore for missing riches, and maybe locate your father and find some buddies in the process in the scenario of Gon Freecss, who began on his Hunter journey early in 1998.

The tale starts with a young boy called Gon Freecss, who learns, one day, that the father he believed was dead was actually alive and healthy. He discovers that Ging, his dad, is a famous Hunter, a person who has managed to prove himself to be an exemplary representative of morality.

Regardless of the reality that Ging abandoned his child with his friends and family members to continue pursuing his own hopes and aspirations, Gon is eager to follow in the footsteps of his dad, complete the comprehensive Hunter Examination and finally locate his dad to become a Hunter out of his even own right in general and one day sincerely wish to see his dad.

He impersonates the retribution-driven Kurapica, the physician to be Leorio, and the aggressive former-assassin Killua in the examination, with their relationship thriving in the many rounds and challenges they encounter across carrying on the risky role of just a Hunter.

Rerelease of the Hunter x Hunter 1999 Television shows, built on Togashi Yoshihiro’s manga. A Hunter is someone who explores the earth and has to do all kinds of risky duties. Including catching offenders to looking for some missing gems embedded inside undiscovered territories.

Hunter x Hunter Episode List:

1Departure X and X FriendsCANON
2Test X of X TestsCANON
3Rivals X in X SurvivalCANON
4Hope X and X AmbitionCANON
5Hisoka X Is So X SneakyCANON
6A X Surprising X ChallengeCANON
7Showdown X On X the AirshipCANON
8Decision X by X Majority Rule?CANON
9Beware X of X PrisonersCANON
10Trick X to X the TrickCANON
11Trouble X With X the GambleCANON
12Final X Test of X ResolveCANON
13Letter X from X GonFILLER
14Hit X the X TargetCANON
15Explosion X of X DeceptionCANON
16Defeat X and X DisgraceCANON
17Trap × in × the HoleCANON
18Big × Time × InterviewCANON
19Can’t Win × and × Can’t LoseCANON
20Baffling Turn × of × EventsCANON
21Some × Brother × TroubleCANON
22A × Dangerous × WatchdogCANON
23The × Guard’s × DutyCANON
24The x Zoldyck x FamilyCANON
25Can’t See × if × You’re BlindCANON
26Then × and × AfterFILLER
27Arrival × at × the ArenaCANON
28Nen × and × NenCANON
29Awakening × and × PotentialCANON
30Fierce × and × FerociousCANON
31Destiny × and × TenacityCANON
32A × Surprising × WinCANON
33An × Empty × ThreatCANON
34Power × to × AvengeCANON
35The × True × PassCANON
36A Big Debt × and × a Small KickCANON
37Ging × and × GonCANON
38Reply × from × DadCANON
39Wish × and × PromiseCANON
40Nen x Users x Unite?CANON
41Gathering X of X HeroesCANON
42Defend X and X AttackCANON
43A X Shocking X TragedyCANON
44Buildup X to a X Fierce Battle!CANON
45Restraint X and X VowCANON
46Chasing X and X WaitingCANON
47Condition X and X ConditionCANON
48Very X Sharp X EyeCANON
49Pursuit x And x AnalysisCANON
50Ally x And x SwordCANON
51A x Brutal x BattlefieldCANON
52Assault x And x ImpactCANON
53Fake x And x PsycheCANON
54Fortunes x Aren’t x Right?CANON
55Allies x And x LiesCANON
56Beloved x And x BeleagueredCANON
57Initiative x And x LawCANON
58Signal x To x RetreatCANON
59Bid x And x HasteCANON
60End x And x BeginningCANON
61Invitation x And x FriendCANON
62Reality? x And x RawCANON
63A x Hard x Master?CANON
64Strengthen x And x ThreatenCANON
65Evil Fist x And x Rock-Paper-ScissorsCANON
66Strategy x And x SchemeCANON
6715 x 15CANON
68Pirates x And x GuessesCANON
69A x Heated x ShowdownCANON
70Guts x And x CourageCANON
71Bargain x And x DealCANON
72Chase x And x ChanceCANON
73Insanity x And x SanityCANON
74Victor x And x LoserCANON
75Ging’s Friends x And x True FriendsCANON
76Reunion x And x UnderstandingCANON
77Unease x And x SightingCANON
78Very x Rapid x ReproductionCANON
79No x Good x NGLCANON
80Evil x And x TerribleCANON
81The x Fight x BeginsCANON
82Kite x And x SlotsCANON
83Inspiration x To x EvolveCANON
84A x Fated x AwakeningCANON
85Light x And x DarknessCANON
86Promise x And x ReunionCANON
87Duel x And x EscapeCANON
88Rock-Paper-Scissors x And x WeaknessCANON
89Compassion x And x StrengthCANON
90Interest x And x CurseCANON
91The Strong x And x The WeakCANON
92One Wish x And x Two PromisesCANON
93Date x With x PalmCANON
94Friend x And x JourneyCANON
95Grudge x And x DreadCANON
96A x Lawless x HomeCANON
97Carnage x And x DevastationCANON
98Infiltration x And x SelectionCANON
99Combination x And x EvolutionCANON
100Tracking x And x PursuitCANON
101Ikalgo x And x LightningCANON
102Power x And x GamesCANON
103Check x And x MateCANON
104Doubt x And x HesitationCANON
105Resolve x And x AwakeningCANON
106Knov x And x MorelCANON
107Return x And x RetireCANON
108Gungi x Of x KomugiCANON
109Taking Stock x And x Taking ActionCANON
110Confusion x And x ExpectationCANON
111Charge x And x InvadeCANON
112Monster x And x MonsterCANON
113An x Indebted x InsectCANON
114Divide x And x ConquerCANON
115Duty x And x QuestionCANON
116Revenge x And x RecoveryCANON
117Insult x And x PaybackCANON
118A x False x RageCANON
119Strong x Or x WeakCANON
120Fake x And x RealCANON
121Defeat x And x DignityCANON
122Pose x And x NameCANON
123Centipede x And x MemoryCANON
124Breakdown x And x AwakeningCANON
125Great Power x And x Ultimate PowerCANON
126Zero x And x RoseCANON
127Hostility x And x DeterminationCANON
128Unparalleled Joy x And x Unconditional LoveCANON
129Formidable Enemy x And x Clear ObjectiveCANON
130Magic x And x DespairCANON
131Anger x And x LightCANON
132Flash x And x TriggerCANON
133Deadline x To x LiveCANON
134The Word x Is x That PersonCANON
135This Day x And x This MomentCANON
136Homecoming x And x Real NameCANON
137Twelve Zodiac x In x DiscussionCANON
138Plea x and x FavorCANON
139Alluka x and x That ThingCANON
140Third Election x And x Re-electionCANON
141Magician x And x ButlerCANON
142Needle x And x DebtCANON
143Sin x And x ClawCANON
144Approval x And x CoalitionCANON
145Defeat × And × ReunionCANON
146Chairman × And × ReleaseCANON
147Salvation × And × FutureCANON
148Until Now x and x From NowCANON

List of filler Episodes

There are only 2 filler episodes in Hunter x Hunter (2011). Letter × From × Gon and Then × And × After.

List of Mixed Canon Episodes

There are only 6 Mixed Canon episodes in Hunter x Hunter (2011). Hisoka × Is So × Sneaky, An × Unexpected × Task, Last × Test Of × Resolve!, The × Guard’s × Duty, The × Zoldyck × Family, and Past × And × Future. While their are140 episodes are Canon.

Hunter x Hunter was modified in 1999 into a 62-episode animated TV show created by Kazuhiro Furuhashi and edited by Nippon Animation. The series debuted on Japan’s Fuji Television and operated till 2001. Nippon Animation progressively developed 3 independent OVAs (original video animations) comprising Thirty videos and launched them in Japan around 2002 to 2004. A new animated television series featuring Madhouse broadcast on Nippon TV between October 2011 to September 2014 comprising 148 series, with dual anime cinematic movies published in august. There are also various Hunter-Hunter-related sound records, games consoles, theatre productions, as well as other entertainment.

Since April 2005, the series has been dubbed into the native language and published by Viz Press in North America. They sell the show as well as their “Shonen Jump Advanced” line for aging teens and young adults. 36 volumes have also been published in North America on 6 August 2019. Viz featured the Kurapika’s Experiences sections in the 17 & 24 December 2012 episodes of their interactive French journal Weekly Shonen Jump Alpha. All television series were also authorized through Viz, with the initial show running on the Funimation Site in 2009 and the 2nd manga showing on the Toonami block of Adult Swim following 16 April 2016. Hunter x Hunter has become an immense commercial and popular success and has become one of the best-selling graphic novels of Shueisha, eventually selling seventy-two million albums worldwide since about 2018 in Japan only.

Manga Vs Anime Hunter x Hunter

This show has also been released in a sōshūhen version that intends to replicate the manga as it was initially archived in Weekly Shōnen Jump in almost a similar volume and also with the colored sheets. Between 9th December 2011 and 18th April 2014, a total of 11 manuals was published highlighting the Hunter Election plotline. Kurapika ‘s stories, a  manga (in 2 prt ) Togashi published to serve as a sequel series to the very first anime series, was released in the 3rd December and 10th, 2012 episodes of Weekly Shōnen Jump. Tokyo Ghoul writer Sui Ishida produced a storyline of an anime section consisting of 69 sheets detailing the history of Hunter × Hunter’s Hisoka. On June 2, 2016, the script was remotely published through Shonen Jump.

The Hunter x Hunter series was authorized for production in the Region 1 market by Viz Media with English audio tasks done by the Ocean Community at Blue Water Productions in  Canada, Alberta, Calgary. The anime was published from 9th December 2008 till 1t December 2009 on 4 Digital downloads packed sets. Viz collaborated with Warner video cassettes to release the beginning of the disc also with the 2nd set. Hunter × Hunter started filming in the U.S Government on the Funimation Network in the season of spring in 2009.

 Number of episodes in 

There are 148 episodes in the 2011 series TV.

Films of Hunter x Hunter

 A simple movie version of Hunter x Hunter was seen as a component of the 1998 “Jump Super Anime Tour” accompanying identical versions of Seikimatsu Leader den Takeshi until the initial animation tv show was produced and 1 Piece.

It portrays the initial incidents of the series up until Gon’s ocean journey from Whale Island, created by Studio Pierrot and led under Noriyuki Abe. After the initial one’s launch, a 2nd movie was released, entitled “Hunter x Hunter: The Last Mission”.

The movie focuses somewhat on Netero, the Hunter Organization leader, as Gon and his mates uncover the hidden truths next to his old days.

The film was launched on 27 December 2013 and on 23rd July 2014, the Disc and Blu-ray were issued.

Review of Hunter x Hunter:

 Analyzing the 1st plotline, Chris Sims of ComicsAlliance named Hunter × Hunter among the best “interesting, absurd, and ridiculously brutal manga I have ever reviewed.” He mentioned that while it has each conventional concept regarding shōnen comics in power, what stands out even the most is the brutality.

Sims put it perfectly as a pack of imaginative scripts and roles that, although easy at moments to the extent of almost being 1 dimensional, somehow manage to be powerful and amusing on the basis of their response to the extremely unusual, enormously extreme distress all over them.

The ethical intensity of Gon was admired by Charles Solomon, an author for the Los Angeles Times and The New York Times, an attribute that makes the narrator “an attraction to his endlessly optimistic loss of equivalents.

The 1st volume of the series was reviewed favorably by Editors Weekly, claiming that Togashi demonstrates a delicate skill with his typical plot, declaring his work of art simple and elegant and claiming that his heroes are amusing and complicated. Although EX.org’s Rika Takahashi and Protoculture Addicts’ Claude J. Pelletier considered the graphical design in Hunter x Hunter to be somewhat simplistic compared to the 2 prior serializations of Togashi, Level E, and YuYu Hakusho, each critic praised the complex plot and heroes.

More filler lists:

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