Blue Exorcist Filler List 【Episode Guide】 | Anime Filler List

Blue Exorcist is an anime that got aired from 2011 to 2017. It consists of 37 episodes.

It has 10 filters which means the filler percentage is 27. The story revolves around Assiah, the realm of demons and humans Although both of them are opposite to each other, they are further intruding on the materialistic world. The story is based on a parallel universe. In which there is a struggle between humans and demons. The episode throughout is very arguable. As you will see various battles in it. Although watching blue exorcist will be great fun. As you will get to see new worldly things.

How many episodes of a blue exorcist?

In blue exorcists, there are 2 seasons. Season 1 was aired from April 2011 to October 2011 having 25 episodes. Season 2 got aired from January 2017 to March 2017 having 12 episodes.

Blue Exorcist Filler Episodes:


Blue Exorcist Manga Canon Episodes:


Blue exorcist seasons:

In this season you will see the union of Clark and Diana’s unbalanced and confusing relationship. The story revolves around the three main characters that are the true heroes till the end. They can easily form dichotomies but figured out that they cannot take this relationship further. As they other priorities in a relationship. You will see a superman character as well in this episode. He is shown as an alien who wants a closer bond. He provokes in a positive way to watch Wonder woman.

As he says women are way stronger than men. They can handle situations more properly. A woman doesn’t need a man to complete themselves; they are already enough on their own. One of the main characters is Lois Lane. As he is an idealist. Viewers really liked this series. They wanted to see more like these in the future.

The content and storyline are very unique and interesting.

Mixed Canon/Filler Episodes:


List of ao no exorcist episodes:

Ao No Exorcist is a series written by one of the most renowned authors Kazue Kato. The story revolves around a 15 years old boy who follows the path that avenges the death of his father when he struggled and sacrificed just to save his son. He further joins an academy that helps him in nourishing his capabilities and skills. The True Cross Academy was filled with comrades who are there to fulfill their aims and goals.

So, after joining the academy he set his goals and boundaries and managed to fulfill them no matter how hard or difficult it is to manage.

Blue Exorcist Episode List

# Title Type
1 The Devil Resides in Human Souls MIXED CANON/FILLER
4 The Garden of Amahara MANGA CANON
5 A Boy from the Cursed Temple MANGA CANON
6 The Phantom Chef FILLER
7 A Flock of Plovers MANGA CANON
8 Now a Certain Man Was Sick… MANGA CANON
9 Memories MANGA CANON
10 Black Cat MANGA CANON
11 Demon of the Deep Seas FILLER
12 A Game of Tag MANGA CANON
14 A Fun Camping Trip MANGA CANON
15 Act of Kindness MANGA CANON
18 Gufu FILLER
19 An Ordinary Day FILLER
20 Mask FILLER
21 The Secret Garden FILLER
22 Demon-hunting FILLER
23 Truth FILLER
24 Satan’s Spawn FILLER
25 Stop, Time FILLER
26 Small Beginnings MANGA CANON
27 Strange Bedfellows MANGA CANON
28 Suspicion Will Raise Bogies MANGA CANON
29 Act of Treachery MANGA CANON
30 Mysterious Connections MANGA CANON
31 A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing MANGA CANON
32 Like a Fire Burning Bright MANGA CANON
33 From Father to Son MANGA CANON
34 Through Thick and Thin MANGA CANON
35 Unbowed and Unbroken MANGA CANON
36 Shine Bright as the Sun MANGA CANON
37 Candid and Open MANGA CANON


Exorcist episode guide:

The story has two aspects of this series. The humans and demons. It is said to be the opposite side of the coin. If you are a fan of supernatural powers and battles or conflicts between good and evil then this series is especially for you. In this, you will see no proper plot for Satan. You will see him imprisoned but won’t be able to know the reason behind it.

This series has a small mystery element in it. Although he struggled really hard to rule over the world of Assiah. You will love the facial expressions that you will see throughout the series. The story is based on amazing content that everyone will surely like. You should watch this series in chronological order. Following this order will make you see all the episodes. Through this, you will not skip any episode or any scene. You will follow the story step by step and will get assumed by it.

Twin star exorcists filler list:

Twin Star is a Japanese manga written by the famous author Yoshiaki Sukeno. The story revolves around 2 young exorcists that are planning to marry so that they can have another exorcist in their house.

Blue Exorcist Kyoto saga episode list:

There are 15 episodes but here I have mentioned 3 most important and watched episodes of this season.

Through Thick and Thin:

The story revolves around the bond of two brothers. He says that no matter how much he fights with his brother at the end of the day he adores him. He is his mentor.

Shine Bright as the Sun:

The story revolves around the revelation of truth. In this episode, you will see the attack of blue flames and demon powers. Riin is seen worried throughout the episode as he is still not willing to give his powers to the king.