D Gray Man Filler List 【Episode Guide 2022】

D Grey Man Filler ListD.Gray-man aired on Toonami from 2006 to 2016. D.Gray-man aired 116 episodes in total. Gray-man has a filler ratio of about 22%, and there are a total of 25 filler episodes that have been logged. As a result, the Millennium Earl plans to wipe out the whole human race with his Akuma army. Using an ancient poison called Innocence and a group of other Exorcists, Allen Walker, a young boy, battles the Millennium Earl.

A solid Japanese animation series, D.Gray-man is one of the best in the business. This film is based on a manga series of the same name. Because of the manga’s success, TMS Entertainment decided to make a television series instead. The rest, as they say, is past. If you’ve watched anime, you’re probably aware of how well it does during the broadcasting process. This anime ran for over ten years, from 2006 to 2016.

D.Gray-List Man’s of Filler Words

The production team produced one hundred sixteen episodes throughout this decade. With the official episodes, there are filler episodes to go with them. Filler episodes make up 22% of the series or 25 episodes out of 116 total as people ask where I can watch d-grey-man, so there are many websites on which full episodes are given, as on d grey man IMDb.

Fans will have different opinions on how much is too much; some will think it’s excessive, while others will think it’s OK. You may also be on the fence about watching the filler episodes. The d grey man filler worth watching episodes are also available.

D Gray Man Filler List

Filler List
14-18, 25, 27, 29-36, 41-50

In Japan and North America, many manga volumes have consistently been on the list of the ten best-sellers every week. Most critics found it was comparable to previous shen manga, although they did commend its unique moments and well-developed characters compared to other series of the same genre. The majority of critics have commended Hoshino’s work, praising her characters as lovely and her use of Gothic elements as attractive to the eye. According to one evaluation of Hoshino’s work, the battle sequences might be difficult to follow. The d grey man volume list is also provided on the internet.

D Gray Man Canon List

Canon List
1-13, 19-24, 28, 37-40, 51-62, 65-116

D. Gray-man filler episodes: Is it worthwhile to sit through them? 

The answer is a resounding NO. Why? Because many people who have seen the complete series, including filler episodes, have had some negative things to say about them. To summarise, filler episodes add nothing to the story and should be avoided at all costs. Filler episodes should be avoided. Regardless of whether you miss them, the story will remain connected, and the plot will proceed as usual if you do.

You may also watch the filler if you don’t have enough time to devote to the main event. However, if you’re towards the end of the timer, it’s best to bypass them. Five filler episodes, by the way, will wow you with their quality.

D Gray Man Mixed List

Mixed List
26, 63-64

D.Gray-man is written and illustrated by Katsura Hoshino, a Japanese manga artist. The story takes place in a futuristic version of the late 1800s and follows a young exorcist named Allen Walker to join the Black Order. They’re up against the Millennium Earl and his demonic Akuma army, who are using an ancient poison called Innocence to try and wipe out the human race. Hoshino drew inspiration for several of the characters, including Zone, from his previous works and sketches. As a result of her concerns that a certain scene was too violent for her younger audience members, Hoshino allegedly adjusted it.

D.Gray-man Episode List

# Title Type Airdate
1 The Boy Who Hunts Akuma MANGA CANON 2006-10-03
2 The Black Order MANGA CANON 2006-10-10
3 The Ghost of Mater MANGA CANON 2006-10-17
4 Old Man of the Soil and a Lonely Night’s Aria MANGA CANON 2006-10-24
5 Let Me Hear the Lullaby MANGA CANON 2006-10-31
6 That Which Calls Forth Disaster MANGA CANON 2006-11-07
7 Tombstone of Memories MANGA CANON 2006-11-14
8 The Black Order Annihilation Incident MANGA CANON 2006-11-21
9 The Rewinding Town MANGA CANON 2006-11-28
10 The Bad Luck Woman’s Innocence MANGA CANON 2006-12-05
11 Miranda Lotto’s Feelings MANGA CANON 2006-12-12
12 And Snow Falls Over the Town MANGA CANON 2006-12-19
13 With the Coat MANGA CANON 2006-12-26
14 The Leaf of Revival FILLER 2007-01-09
15 Beyond the Snowstorm FILLER 2007-01-16
16 Millennium Swordsman FILLER 2007-01-23
17 Pride of the Swordsmen FILLER 2007-01-30
18 Lenalee’s Love FILLER 2007-02-06
19 Vampire of the Solitary Castle MANGA CANON 2007-02-13
20 Go For It, Exorcists! MANGA CANON 2007-02-20
21 Krory Attacks MANGA CANON 2007-02-27
22 The Truth About Eliade MANGA CANON 2007-03-06
23 The Vampire Whom I Loved MANGA CANON 2007-03-13
24 Krory’s New Beginning MANGA CANON 2007-03-20
25 The General’s Chains FILLER 2007-03-27
26 The Beginning of the End MIXED CANON/FILLER 2007-04-03
27 My Mentor, General Cross FILLER 2007-04-10
28 Exorcist Krory MANGA CANON 2007-04-17
29 The One Who Sells Souls, Part 1 FILLER 2007-04-24
30 The One Who Sells Souls, Part 2 FILLER 2007-05-01
31 Lost Miranda FILLER 2007-05-08
32 Mysterious Ghost Ship FILLER 2007-05-15
33 The Village Where a Witch Lives, Part 1 FILLER 2007-05-22
34 The Village Where a Witch Lives, Part 2 FILLER 2007-05-29
35 Exorcist Clad in Wind FILLER 2007-06-05
36 Shroud of Darkness FILLER 2007-06-12
37 Charity Bell MANGA CANON 2007-06-19
38 Froi Tiedoll MANGA CANON 2007-06-26
39 Silent Coffins MANGA CANON 2007-07-03
40 Requiem Rose MANGA CANON 2007-07-10
41 A New Assassin FILLER 2007-07-17
42 The Black Cat’s Traps FILLER 2007-07-24
43 The Wandering Stone Statue FILLER 2007-07-31
44 Iron Fan Maid FILLER 2007-08-07
45 Strange Mansion FILLER 2007-08-14
46 Illusions in the Snow FILLER 2007-08-21
47 The Crystal Girl FILLER 2007-08-28
48 Wavering Accommodator FILLER 2007-09-04
49 Lulu Bell’s Bell FILLER 2007-09-11
50 Feelings of Devotion FILLER 2007-09-18
51 Set Sail, to the East MANGA CANON 2007-09-25
52 Raid MANGA CANON 2007-10-02
53 Fallen One MANGA CANON 2007-10-09
54 The Beginning of the Night of the End MANGA CANON 2007-10-16
55 A Scream MANGA CANON 2007-10-23
56 Delete MANGA CANON 2007-10-30
57 Loss and Reunion MANGA CANON 2007-11-06
58 Asian Branch MANGA CANON 2007-11-13
59 The Road of the Pledged MANGA CANON 2007-11-20
60 Title MANGA CANON 2007-11-27
61 Sinking Darkness MANGA CANON 2007-12-04
62 Maiden Who Has Fallen into Darkness MANGA CANON 2007-12-11
63 Ship Stalled, Girl Remains Absent MIXED CANON/FILLER 2007-12-18
64 Message MIXED CANON/FILLER 2007-12-25
65 Landing MANGA CANON 2008-01-08
66 Confusion and Impatience MANGA CANON 2008-01-15
67 Heading to Edo MANGA CANON 2008-01-22
68 Silence MANGA CANON 2008-01-29
69 Invasion MANGA CANON 2008-02-05
70 God’s Clown MANGA CANON 2008-02-12
71 The Name Chronicled MANGA CANON 2008-02-19
72 Showdown in the Capital MANGA CANON 2008-02-26
73 Kanda Joins the Battle MANGA CANON 2008-03-04
74 Edo Annihilated MANGA CANON 2008-03-11
75 Clown and Auguste MANGA CANON 2008-03-18
76 A Key and Noah’s Doors MANGA CANON 2008-03-25
77 The Skinn Bolic Room MANGA CANON 2008-04-01
78 Forbidden Skill, Sangen Style MANGA CANON 2008-04-08
79 Noah’s Memory MANGA CANON 2008-04-15
80 The Twins’ Traps MANGA CANON 2008-04-22
81 Debt Crisis MANGA CANON 2008-04-29
82 Bad Game MANGA CANON 2008-05-06
83 Jasdevi Enters the Scene MANGA CANON 2008-05-13
84 Bloody Krory MANGA CANON 2008-05-20
85 Dark-Colored Rhapsody MANGA CANON 2008-05-27
86 Weak Humans MANGA CANON 2008-06-03
87 Transcendent One MANGA CANON 2008-06-10
88 Lavi MANGA CANON 2008-06-17
89 Voice of Darkness MANGA CANON 2008-06-24
90 Black Carnival MANGA CANON 2008-07-01
91 Judgment MANGA CANON 2008-07-08
92 Shadow of the Player MANGA CANON 2008-07-15
93 Melody MANGA CANON 2008-07-22
94 Homecoming MANGA CANON 2008-07-29
95 Lamb and Dog MANGA CANON 2008-08-05
96 Still the Clock Ticks MANGA CANON 2008-08-12
97 Attack on Headquarters MANGA CANON 2008-08-19
98 The Power of Generals MANGA CANON 2008-08-26
99 The Noah of Lust MANGA CANON 2008-09-02
100 Level 4 MANGA CANON 2008-09-09
101 To the God I Hate So Much MANGA CANON 2008-09-16
102 The Promise MANGA CANON 2008-09-23
103 Echoes in the Long Morning MANGA CANON 2008-09-30
104 HALLOW: The Fourteenth MANGA CANON 2016-07-04
105 HALLOW: Lonely Boy MANGA CANON 2016-07-11
106 HALLOW: It’ll Be Fine If I Wash My Face MANGA CANON 2016-07-18
107 HALLOW: Blood Crusade MANGA CANON 2016-07-25
108 HALLOW: Alma Karma MANGA CANON 2016-08-01
109 HALLOW: friend MANGA CANON 2016-08-08
110 HALLOW: The Truth about a Sterile Flower MANGA CANON 2016-08-15
111 HALLOW: Awakening MANGA CANON 2016-08-22
112 HALLOW: Little Good-Bye MANGA CANON 2016-08-29
113 HALLOW: Sinner in Despair MANGA CANON 2016-09-05
114 HALLOW: Hidden One MANGA CANON 2016-09-12
115 HALLOW: My Home MANGA CANON 2016-09-19
116 HALLOW: Walker MANGA CANON 2016-09-26

Originally serialized in Shueisha Weekly Shonen Jump in 2004, the manga has gained a devoted following on the web. Due to Hoshino’s deteriorating health, the show was repeatedly shelved. In January 2013, the show was put on indefinite hiatus. D.Gray-man: Kaya Kizaki’s Reverse book series is a spin-off that explores the psyches of several different people. An additional 13-episode anime series called D.Gray-Man anime series Hallow was also produced by TMS Entertainment.

Dragon Ball Filler List


The main character is Allen Walker, a new member of the Black Order whose Innocence shattered the Akuma of his late guardian, Mana, prompting him to begin training to control it. Allen’s missing teacher, exorcist General Cross Marian, is later discovered, and he and his friends are entrusted with finding him. As a result of Allen’s brainwashing of Mana’s brother Nea D. Campbell, the exiled 14th Noah Family member, and the Earl’s desire to have him back, they manage to steal Noah’s Ark, one of Noah’s transportation machines known as the Noah’s Ark.

Cross admits to Nea’s reincarnation that she plans to use Allen as her host, deleting Allen in the process. During the Third Exorcists rebellion story arc, Nea’s mind begins to take control of Allen’s body. His journey reveals that his late guardian, Mana, and the Millennium Earl have strong ties to them. To find out more about Mana and Nea’s past and their ties to the Earl, he decides to go to where they both grew up, While Apocryphos is distracted by Noah, the Earl discovers Allen, who Nea has possessed.

This conversation reveals the current Earl to be Nea’s brother, Mana D. Campbell. Both were formerly close friends of the Earls of the Millennium, but after being split up, they developed into bitter adversaries.

More about Naruto Filler List


According to Hoshino, tragedy will be a major theme in the show. Many individuals in the series, including Allen, have poor luck, such as losing a loved one and being enticed by the Earl to revive them. It works, but those who die are reborn as Akuma, and the boy who hunts Akuma is also shown creatures who feed on the flesh of their loved ones. This leads to her first topic being that people shouldn’t be brought back to life due to her work: Another critic thinks Alma’s death fits the series’ dismal narrative even while other characters, including Kanda, display their unwavering affection for her.

His life becomes more depressing as the story goes on, as the Pope takes away his exorcist rights, and he is considered Noah because of his links to these people. Allen is also compelled to quit the Black Order because of this. To make the story more interesting for the viewers, Hoshino asserted that Allen will always have supporters no matter the situation.

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