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Dragon Ball Filler List 【Episode Guide】

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Dragon Ball includes next to no filler and holds fast near the manga it’s dependent on. Although the series, Goku gets together with different fun and fascinating characters as he seeks after the dragon balls and builds up his abilities and forces. The fundamental story arcs and highlights various adventures.

How Much Filler is in Dragon Ball?

The unique Dragon Ball anime collection aired from 1986 to 1989 with a complete of 153 episodes. With 23 anime-only episodes for the duration of the collection run, Dragon Ball is 15% filler.

In case you are looking for Dragon Ball Z filler list, we have it too. 

Dragon Ball super filler details:

If you are searching out the dragon balls, but don’t want a great deal filler getting within the way, you couldn’t go incorrect with the original Dragon Ball anime collection. In this guide, we spread out which scenes you can securely skip on your mission for the dragon balls. The story follows a little fellow named Goku as he quests to discover the Dragon Balls, seven circles that when united fulfill any desire. So here is the dragon ball super episode guide.

Dragon Ball Filler episode names:

Dress in Flames, The Fire-Eater, Outrageous Octagon, Mystery of the Dark World, The End, The Beginning, Secret of the Woods, The Time Room, Goku’s Doll, Walking Their Own Ways, and Hotter than Lava are few best fillers of the series.

Dragon Ball Canon Episodes:

2-6, 19, 21, 23-38, 45-99, 101, 103-107, 118-123, 126-169, 172-173, 175-194, 200-201, 205-228, 230-273, 275-286, 289-291
Mixed Canon/Filler Episodes:
1, 8, 18, 22, 229, 287

Dragon Ball Filler List Episodes:

7, 9-17, 20, 39-44, 100, 102, 108-117, 124-125, 170-171, 174, 195-199, 202-204, 274, 288

Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z Super:

The filler material is any scenes that showed up in the DragonBall and Dragon Ball Z anime that are absent in the first Dragon Ball manga. In general, filler accommodates new stories without genuinely provoking the reputation quo. Sometimes proof or flashbacks are introduced into scenes that were appeared in the manga too.

For example, Gotenks’ battle with Super Buu at The Lookout, when Piccolo alludes to the Garlic Jr. Adventure. The filler is found frequently in Dragon Ball Z, as a method for not stretching out beyond the manga, as they were both initially created in corresponding with each other.


Canon and Dragon Ball have always had a complex relationship, however between the anime and manga, Super has seemingly muddied the waters significantly further. Modern Dragon Ball in fact started life as a continuation of Dragon Ball Z through Battle of Gods, however, the Dragon Ball Super anime and manga at the moment are holding the rules of the franchise’s canon, recounting a similar story nearby each other.

Canon List:

Conquest and Power, Awaken Darkness, A Taste of Destiny, The Ultimate Sacrifice, Prelude to Vengeance, Battle Cry, Goku Strikes Back, The Biggest Crisis, Final Showdown, Lost and Found, Temple Above the Clouds, Earth’s Guardian Emerges, Eternal Dragon Resurrected are most loved canon of Dragon Ball.

Dragon Ball Full Episode List

3Unlikely AllianceMANGA CANON
4Piccolo’s PlanMANGA CANON
5Gohan’s RageMANGA CANON
6No Time Like the PresentMANGA CANON
8Gohan Goes Bananas!MIXED CANON/FILLER
9The Strangest RobotFILLER
10A New FriendFILLER
11Terror on ArliaFILLER
12Global TrainingFILLER
13Goz and MezFILLER
14Princess SnakeFILLER
15Dueling PiccolosFILLER
16Plight of the ChildrenFILLER
17Pendulum Room PerilFILLER
18The End of Snake WayMIXED CANON/FILLER
19Defying GravityMANGA CANON
20Goku’s AncestorsFILLER
21Counting DownMANGA CANON
23Saibamen Attack!MANGA CANON
24The Power of NappaMANGA CANON
25SacrificeMANGA CANON
26Nappa’s RampageMANGA CANON
27Nimbus SpeedMANGA CANON
28Goku’s ArrivalMANGA CANON
29Lesson Number OneMANGA CANON
30Goku vs. VegetaMANGA CANON
31Saiyan Sized SecretMANGA CANON
32Spirit Bomb Away!MANGA CANON
33Hero in the ShadowsMANGA CANON
34Krillin’s OffensiveMANGA CANON
36Picking Up the PiecesMANGA CANON
37Plans for DepartureMANGA CANON
38Nursing WoundsMANGA CANON
39Friends or Foes?FILLER
40Held CaptiveFILLER
41Friends or Foes?FILLER
42The Search ContinuesFILLER
43A Friendly SurpriseFILLER
44Brood of EvilFILLER
45Frieza Strikes!MANGA CANON
46Defying OrdersMANGA CANON
47Namek’s DefenseMANGA CANON
49The Prince Fights BackMANGA CANON
50Unexpected ProblemMANGA CANON
51Vegeta has a BallMANGA CANON
52The Past and FutureMANGA CANON
53Zarbon’s SurpriseMANGA CANON
54Guru’s GiftMANGA CANON
55Piccolo vs. EveryoneMANGA CANON
56Zarbon’s MissionMANGA CANON
57Gohan, the HuntedMANGA CANON
58Unknown EnemiesMANGA CANON
59Destination: GuruMANGA CANON
60Bulma’s Big DayMANGA CANON
61Hidden PowerMANGA CANON
62New Ally, New ProblemMANGA CANON
63Guldo’s Mind BindsMANGA CANON
64Recoome UnleashedMANGA CANON
65Let the Battle BeginMANGA CANON
66Goku’s New PowerMANGA CANON
67A Legend RevealedMANGA CANON
68Ginyu AssaultMANGA CANON
69Incredible Force!MANGA CANON
70Frieza ApproachesMANGA CANON
71Goku is Ginyu and Ginyu is GokuMANGA CANON
72Calling the Eternal DragonMANGA CANON
73Gohan-Defeat Your Dad!MANGA CANON
74Captain Ginyu… The FrogMANGA CANON
75Password is PorungaMANGA CANON
76Piccolo’s ReturnMANGA CANON
78Fighting Power: One Million??MANGA CANON
79Gohan AttacksMANGA CANON
80Piccolo the Super-NamekMANGA CANON
82Frieza’s Second TransformationMANGA CANON
83Another Transformation?MANGA CANON
84Dende’s DemiseMANGA CANON
85The Renewed GokuMANGA CANON
86The End of VegetaMANGA CANON
87The Ultimate BattleMANGA CANON
88Clash of the Super PowersMANGA CANON
89Frieza’s BoastMANGA CANON
90Bold and FearlessMANGA CANON
91Embodiment of FireMANGA CANON
93Keep the Chance AliveMANGA CANON
94Power of the SpiritMANGA CANON
95Transformed at LastMANGA CANON
96Explosion of AngerMANGA CANON
97Namek’s DestructionMANGA CANON
98A Final AttackMANGA CANON
99Approaching DestructionMANGA CANON
100Gohan ReturnsFILLER
101The Last WishMANGA CANON
102Duel on a Vanishing PlanetFILLER
103Pathos of FriezaMANGA CANON
104Frieza Defeated!!MANGA CANON
105Mighty Blast of RageMANGA CANON
106Namek’s Explosion… Goku’s End?MANGA CANON
107Goku’s Alive!!MANGA CANON
108The Heavens TrembleFILLER
109Black Fog of TerrorFILLER
110Battle in Kami’s LookoutFILLER
111Fight With PiccoloFILLER
112Call For RestorationFILLER
113Suicidal CourseFILLER
114Extreme MeasuresFILLER
115The World AwakensFILLER
116Brief Chance for VictoryFILLER
117Krillin’s ProposalFILLER
118Frieza’s CounterattackMANGA CANON
119The Mysterious YouthMANGA CANON
120Another Super Saiyan?MANGA CANON
121Welcome Back GokuMANGA CANON
122Mystery RevealedMANGA CANON
123Goku’s Special TechniqueMANGA CANON
124Z Warriors PrepareFILLER
125Goku’s OrdealFILLER
126The Androids AppearMANGA CANON
127A Handy TrickMANGA CANON
128Double Trouble for GokuMANGA CANON
129Upgrade to Super SaiyanMANGA CANON
130The Secret of Dr. GeroMANGA CANON
131More Androids?!MANGA CANON
132Follow Dr. GeroMANGA CANON
133Nightmare Comes TrueMANGA CANON
134Goku’s AssassinMANGA CANON
135Deadly BeautyMANGA CANON
136No Match for the AndroidsMANGA CANON
137Last Ditch EffortMANGA CANON
138Closing InMANGA CANON
139Unwelcome DiscoveryMANGA CANON
140Seized with FearMANGA CANON
141The ReunionMANGA CANON
142Borrowed PowersMANGA CANON
143His Name is CellMANGA CANON
144Piccolo’s FollyMANGA CANON
145Laboratory BasementMANGA CANON
146Our Hero AwakesMANGA CANON
147Time ChamberMANGA CANON
148The Monster Is ComingMANGA CANON
150Up to PiccoloMANGA CANON
151Silent WarriorMANGA CANON
152Say Goodbye, 17MANGA CANON
153SacrificeMANGA CANON
154Saiyans EmergeMANGA CANON
155Super VegetaMANGA CANON
156Bow to the PrinceMANGA CANON
157Hour of TemptationMANGA CANON
158Krillin’s Decision.MANGA CANON
159The Last DefenseMANGA CANON
160Cell is CompleteMANGA CANON
161Vegeta Must PayMANGA CANON
162Trunks AscendsMANGA CANON
163Saving ThrowMANGA CANON
164Ghosts from TomorrowMANGA CANON
165The Cell GamesMANGA CANON
166What is the Tournament?MANGA CANON
167The Doomsday BroadcastMANGA CANON
168Meet Me in the RingMANGA CANON
169No Worries HereMANGA CANON
170A Girl Named LimeFILLER
171Memories of GohanFILLER
172A New GuardianMANGA CANON
173Dende’s DragonMANGA CANON
174The Puzzle of General TaoFILLER
175The Games BeginMANGA CANON
176Losers Fight FirstMANGA CANON
177Goku vs. CellMANGA CANON
178Cell’s Bag of TricksMANGA CANON
179No More RulesMANGA CANON
180The Fight is OverMANGA CANON
181Faith in a BoyMANGA CANON
182Gohan’s PleaMANGA CANON
183Android ExplosionMANGA CANON
184Cell Juniors Attack!MANGA CANON
185AwakeningMANGA CANON
186The Unstoppable GohanMANGA CANON
187Cell’s Break DownMANGA CANON
188A Hero’s FarewellMANGA CANON
189Cell Returns!MANGA CANON
190The Horror Won’t EndMANGA CANON
191Save the WorldMANGA CANON
192Goku’s DecisionMANGA CANON
193One More WishMANGA CANON
194Free the FutureMANGA CANON
195Warriors of the DeadFILLER
196Tournament BeginsFILLER
197Water FightFILLER
198Final RoundFILLER
199Goku vs. PikkonFILLER
200Gohan Goes to High SchoolMANGA CANON
201I am Saiyaman!MANGA CANON
202Gohan’s First DateFILLER
203Rescue VidelFILLER
205I’ll Fight Too!MANGA CANON
206The Newest Super SaiyanMANGA CANON
207Take Flight, VidelMANGA CANON
208Gather for the TournamentMANGA CANON
209Camera ShyMANGA CANON
210The World TournamentMANGA CANON
211Trunks vs. GotenMANGA CANON
212Best of the BoysMANGA CANON
213Big Trouble, Little TrunksMANGA CANON
214Who Will Fight Who?MANGA CANON
215Forfeit of PiccoloMANGA CANON
216A Dark and Secret PowerMANGA CANON
217Videl Is CrushedMANGA CANON
218Identities RevealedMANGA CANON
219Energy DrainMANGA CANON
220The Wizard’s CurseMANGA CANON
221King of the DemonsMANGA CANON
222Vegeta AttacksMANGA CANON
223Next Up, GokuMANGA CANON
224Battle SupremeMANGA CANON
225Eighteen UnmasksMANGA CANON
226Pay to WinMANGA CANON
227Heart of a VillainMANGA CANON
228The Dark Prince ReturnsMANGA CANON
230The Long Awaited FightMANGA CANON
231Magic Ball of BuuMANGA CANON
232Buu is HatchedMANGA CANON
233The Losses BeginMANGA CANON
234The Terror of Mr. BuuMANGA CANON
236The Warrior’s DecisionMANGA CANON
237Final AtonementMANGA CANON
238Evil Lives OnMANGA CANON
239Find the Dragon BallsMANGA CANON
241Global AnnouncementMANGA CANON
242Learn to Fuse!MANGA CANON
244Race to Capsule Corp.MANGA CANON
245Super Saiyan 3?!MANGA CANON
246Buu’s MutinyMANGA CANON
247The Fusion DanceMANGA CANON
248Goku’s Time is UpMANGA CANON
249Return to Other WorldMANGA CANON
250Out from the Broken SwordMANGA CANON
251Gotenks Is BornMANGA CANON
252Unlikely FriendshipMANGA CANON
253I Kill No MoreMANGA CANON
254The Evil of MenMANGA CANON
255Buu Against BuuMANGA CANON
256Empty PlanetMANGA CANON
257Time StruggleMANGA CANON
258Super Moves of GotenksMANGA CANON
259Trapped In ForeverMANGA CANON
260Feeding FrenzyMANGA CANON
261Gotenks Is Awesome!MANGA CANON
262Unlucky BreakMANGA CANON
263A Whole New GohanMANGA CANON
264Search for SurvivorsMANGA CANON
265Majin-Buu TransformsMANGA CANON
266The Old Kai’s WeaponMANGA CANON
267Ready to Fuse?MANGA CANON
268Union of RivalsMANGA CANON
269Meet VegitoMANGA CANON
270Rip in the UniverseMANGA CANON
271Vegito… DownsizedMANGA CANON
272The Incredible Fighting CandyMANGA CANON
273The Innards of BuuMANGA CANON
274Mind TrapFILLER
275Deadly VisionMANGA CANON
276Evil Kid Buu!MANGA CANON
277End of EarthMANGA CANON
278True Saiyans Fight AloneMANGA CANON
279Battle for the Universe BeginsMANGA CANON
280Vegeta’s RespectMANGA CANON
281Minute of DesperationMANGA CANON
282Old Buu EmergesMANGA CANON
283Earth RebornMANGA CANON
284Call to ActionMANGA CANON
285People of Earth UniteMANGA CANON
286Spirit Bomb TriumphantMANGA CANON
287Celebrations with Majin BuuMIXED CANON/FILLER
288He’s Always LateFILLER
289Granddaughter PanMANGA CANON
290Buu’s ReincarnationMANGA CANON
291Goku’s Next JourneyMANGA CANON

Dragon Ball:

Dragon Ball presently seems to be coming into a phase in which fan- administration content is taking the lead over creator-pushed storytelling. After Dragon Ball Super, this Dragon Ball Heroes anime is a model of an arcade sport that’s basically built on indulging fan-provider scenarios like what SSJ4 Goku vs. SSB Goku would appearance like, whilst Dragon Ball Super Broly turned into actually created to provider a longtime wish and debate within the fandom it could’ve effortlessly been a different tale.

With fan-service content material surely a priority at the moment, the response to Dragon Ball Super: Broly will in all likelihood be an essential barometer on how that method is working.

Dragon Ball Super filler guide:

Dragon Ball Super: Broly was released in December in Japan and January 2019 within the US. Dragon Ball Super airs its English Dubs Saturday nights on Cartoon Network’s Toonami. Dragon Ball Heroes is the brand new promotional anime series now streaming on-line in Japan.

Dragon ball super:

As far as the genuine storyline for Dragon Ball Super, Broly, the film is ready to be a significant distinct advantage, because of the way that it will fill in some huge and urgent focuses in the official history of the Saiyan race, and the decimation of their homeworlds, Sadala and Planet Vegeta.

In clarifying riddles of the past, DBS: B could probably be opening up a lot of new entryways, which will take into account more Saiyan characters in the arrangement, just as progressively official standard adjustments of non-group fan speculations and plotlines about the Saiyan race


Are you excited for Dragon Ball Super Broly’s recreation-changing developments? Or are you no longer behind the concept of bringing Broly into the canon? Let us know your opinion within the comments!

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