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Fairy Tail Filler Arcs 【Episode Guide】 | Anime Filler List

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Fairy Tail is a Japanese manga series. It aired from 2009 to 2019. The story is based upon action and adventure.  You will see the character Lucy who is trying her best to join the fairy guild.  During the adventure, Lucy meets Natsu who is a part of the guild.

So they became friends and started performing their activities and completed their mission together. They shared an amazing bond together

Fairy Tail Filler Arcs

  • 1) Macao Arc: 1-2
  • 2) Daybreak Arc: 3-4
  • 3) Lullaby Arc: 5-10 ((EP 9 is filler.))
  • 4) Galuna Island Arc: 11-20 ((EP 19 is filler))
  • 5) Phantom Lord Arc: 21-29
  • 6) Loke Arc: 30-32
  • 7) Tower Of Heaven Arc: 33-40
  • 8) Battle Of FairyTail Arc: 41-51 ((EPs 49-50 are filler.))
  • 9) Oracion Seis Arc: 52-68
  • 10) Daphne Arc: 67-75 ((EPs 70-75 are filler.))
  • 11) Edolas Arc: 76-95
  • 12) Tenrou Island Arc: 96-122
  • 13) X791 Arc: 123-124
  • 14) Key of the Starry Sky Arc: 125-150 ((filler arc.)) ((EP 126: The Truly Evil Jiggle Butt Gang!))
  • 15) Grand Magic Games Arc: 151-203 ((watch the beginning and ending of ep 201. Between is filler))
  • 16) Eclipse Celestial Spirits Arc: 232-254 ((filler arc.))
  • 17) Sun Village Arc: 251-259
  • 18) Tartaros Arc: 260-290 ((EP 271 is filler.))
  • 19) FairyTail Zero Arc: 291-300 ((EP 293 is filler.))
  • 20) Avatar Arc: 301-302
  • 21) Alvarez Empire Arc: unknown. ((Will add when it comes back))

Fairy Tail Episode Count:

Fairy Tail comprises 328 episodes. It has 63 filler episodes which mean it has a lower percentage of around 19%.

Fairy Tail Filler Guide:

Fairy Tail is made up of various inside story arcs. You will get to see multiple stories in it. Every story leads towards a new mission, action or adventure. Few of the arcs are chosen from manga series. Every character has its own identity and personality. It is perfect for its characters pairing and plot setting

Fairy Tail Filler List:

Fairy Tail is an amazing series. All the characters are unique. There are various hilarious elements in it. The animation is worth it.

Fairy tail Canon Episode List:

In Fairy Tail you will see 18 inner story arcs that are based on manga. Every story portrays a different scenario and different storyline. 

Natsu Devours a village:

This is the 9th episode. The story is based on eliminating hunger. As throughout they were on an adventure and had to struggle through it.

To finish their hunger they traveled to another village but over there they saw people already dying because of thirst and hunger.

As it was their misfortune that was not accessible to these worldly things. 


The story revolves around the fairy child. In this, you will see that a human child has been stolen by fairies.  The child got swapped which in further episodes showed the defendant and disabilities in a child. It gives viewers a message to look after their infants and take proper care of them.

As if they go through the same situation they will have to face so many diseases, disorders, weaknesses, and disabilities. 

Fairy tail canon episodes:

Few canon episodes are explained below. 

Macao Arc (Episodes 1 & 2):

This episode revolves around 2 major events. Lucy and Natsu try their best to stop Bora for his criminal actions and ask him to follow the path of honesty. Another major event is rescuing Macao from Hakone. 

Phantom Lord arc (Episodes 21 to 29)

These episodes are the 5th story of Fairy Tail. The story revolves around the war. After the completion of the mission, Natsu plans to return to his home to see his guild build.

When he reached there he saw the destruction of iron beams. He surveys and figures out that the opposite guild has damaged everything.

He got angry and both the guilds had a fight which further led to war. 

Edolas Arc (Episodes 76 to 95)

This arc is the 10th story of the Fairy Tale. The entire story is based upon the things happening in the parallel universe.

All the characters made a plan to visit their friends. They started their journey in order to see them. They all were happy throughout.

When they reached they saw their friends are not the same anymore.

They turned into enemies which were very heart-wrenching for them. 

Grand Magic Games Arc (Episodes 151 to 203):

This is the 13t story from the arc. The plot revolves around magic. Fairy Tail was very interested in magic so he planned to take part in a famous competition known as Grand Magic Games. All he wanted to do is to bring back his glory and charm.

The opponent candidates were very strong and the entire tournament was very tough for both of them. 

Zerø Arc (Episodes 266 to 275):

These episodes are the most important ones. As they show all the major characters and events. You will see the war’s destruction and how everyone separated from each other. Years later you will see Mavis encountering those people who title themselves as the member of Fairy Tail. 

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