Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Filler List 【Episode Guide】

Fullmetal alchemist, also known as “Hepburn,” is a Japanese magma series written by Hiromu Arakawa.

Arakawa decided to make a simple but and historical story that why she created characters according to her desire. Fullmetal Alchemist consists of a Steampunk world that is primely styled after the European industrial revolution.

However, serialized in 2001 by Square Enix Monthly Shonen Gangan shonen manga magazine after collecting separate chapters from twenty-seven volumes. Then Viz Media published the manga in North America.

An alchemist was the best manga series because of its sold-out seventy million volumes across the world. Furthermore, Arakawa received various awards due to her mind-blowing manga series. Her first award was the best science fiction comic in 2011.

Episodes of Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

The first episode, named fundamental alchemist, aired in 2009, while the last episode, called journey end, was aired in 2010. Arakawa smartly covers the dark aspects of society like corruption, wars, and genocide in all episodes.

Though the story becomes complex as its progress, that’s why the public shows a critical response; they appreciate the strong female lead. The entire series is split into 64 episodes that started in 2009 and are still streaming on various television platforms.

The whole series is based upon two alchemist brothers’ experiences searching for a philosopher stone for some reason.

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Filler Episodes:

1, 27

Fullmetal Alchemist Manga Canon Episodes:

2-3, 5-8, 10-12, 15-26, 28-64

Mixed Canon/Filler Episodes:

4, 9, 13-14

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Filler Listing:

The alchemist series was started in 2009 and still streaming on various televisions, channels, apps, and Netflix. As we already discussed, the whole number of episodes is 64, and only 2 of them are fillers that make 3% of the total Fullmetal alchemist brotherhood series.

Let us tell you the vitality of fillers in anime. Fillers are scenes or story in an anime that was not included in the manga. They seem dull because of low quality and slow down the story.

But in an Anime filler provides detailed information about the story or the characters, we can say no anime without fillers. If you want to watch a couple of episodes in a short time, then you can skip fillers; otherwise, don’t miss them. In the Alchemist series, we found 3% fillers in the whole anime.

The first episode has fillers aired in 2009, but you can’t skip it as the episode introduces characters and the imaginary world. Moreover, episode 27 interlude party contains fillers.

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Episode List:

# Title Type
1 Fullmetal Alchemist FILLER
2 The First Day MANGA CANON
3 City of Heresy MANGA CANON
4 An Alchemist’s Anguish MIXED CANON/FILLER
5 Rain of Sorrows MANGA CANON
6 Road of Hope MANGA CANON
7 Hidden Truths MANGA CANON
8 The Fifth Laboratory MANGA CANON
9 Created Feelings MIXED CANON/FILLER
10 Separate Destinations MANGA CANON
11 Miracle at Rush Valley MANGA CANON
12 One is All, All is One MANGA CANON
13 Beasts of Dublith MIXED CANON/FILLER
14 Those Who Lurk Underground MIXED CANON/FILLER
15 Envoy From the East MANGA CANON
16 Footsteps of a Comrade-in-Arms MANGA CANON
17 Cold Flame MANGA CANON
18 The Arrogant Palm of a Small Human MANGA CANON
19 Death of the Undying MANGA CANON
20 Father Before the Grave MANGA CANON
21 Advance of the Fool MANGA CANON
22 Backs in the Distance MANGA CANON
23 Girl on the Battlefield MANGA CANON
24 Inside the Belly MANGA CANON
25 Doorway of Darkness MANGA CANON
26 Reunion MANGA CANON
27 Interlude Party FILLER
29 Struggle of the Fool MANGA CANON
30 The Ishvalan War of Extermination MANGA CANON
31 The 520 Cens Promise MANGA CANON
32 The Fuhrer’s Son MANGA CANON
33 The Northern Wall of Briggs MANGA CANON
34 Ice Queen MANGA CANON
35 The Shape of This Country MANGA CANON
36 Family Portrait MANGA CANON
37 The First Homunculus MANGA CANON
38 Conflict at Baschool MANGA CANON
39 Daydream MANGA CANON
40 Homunculus (The Dwarf in the Flask) MANGA CANON
41 The Abyss MANGA CANON
42 Signs of a Counteroffensive MANGA CANON
43 Bite of the Ant MANGA CANON
44 Revving at Full Throttle MANGA CANON
45 The Promised Day MANGA CANON
46 Looming Shadows MANGA CANON
47 Emissary of Darkness MANGA CANON
48 The Oath in the Tunnel MANGA CANON
49 Filial Affection MANGA CANON
50 Upheaval in Central MANGA CANON
51 The Immortal Legion MANGA CANON
52 Combined Strength MANGA CANON
53 Flame of Vengeance MANGA CANON
54 Beyond the Inferno MANGA CANON
55 The Adults’ Way of Life MANGA CANON
56 The Return of the Fuhrer MANGA CANON
57 Eternal Leave MANGA CANON
58 Sacrifices MANGA CANON
59 Lost Light MANGA CANON
60 Eye of Heaven, Gateway of Earth MANGA CANON
61 He Who Would Swallow God MANGA CANON
62 A Fierce Counterattack MANGA CANON
63 The Other Side of the Gateway MANGA CANON
64 Journey’s End MANGA CANON

Theme and Characters

The entire story was set into a fabricated universe where alchemy is the latest scientific technique. The story revolved around two brothers, “Edward” and “Alphonse Elric,” wondering about getting a philosopher stone. Both the brother lived with their parents in Rasembool.

Later, father Van Hohenheim left them for no reason while the mother dies with a disease.

Edward and Alphonse completed their alchemy training and tried to bring their mom back via alchemy techniques.

They wanted to restore their bodies after a catastrophic unsuccessful attempt to get their mother back to life through alchemy. According to alchemy technology, it’s possible to bypass Equivalent Exchange’s Law by using a shiny red, enigmatic substance called Philosophers stone.

Here is the list of characters in the Fullmetal Alchemist series.

  1. Alphonse Elric
  2. Edward Elric
  3. Roy Mustang
  4. Fuhrer King Bradley
  5. Winry Rockball
  6. Hohenheim
  7. Riza Hawkeye
  8. Yuriy Rockball
  9. Scar
  10. Solf J. Kimblee
  11. Zampano
  12. Heymans Breda
  13. Lan Fan
  14. Yoki
  15. Tim March
  16. Selim Bradley
  17. JEAN Havoc
  18. May Chang
  19. Maria Ross
  20. Nina Tucker

Fullmetal Alchemist Anime History

Later, Bone studio animated the whole series into two anime Television series. The first one, named “Fullmetal Alchemist,” was released in 2003, while the other one was in a more depth story according to manga called “Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood,” which was released in 2009.

Most of the video games were based on Fullmetal Alchemist have been released, and their storyline features original characters. Furthermore, in 2017, its live-action film was released. Moreover, “The Sacred Star of Milos” in 2011 and “Conqueror of Shamballa” in 2005 are also other anime television series.

To Sum Up

Typically, people wonder how many episodes of Fullmetal Alchemist brotherhood. We discussed the list of FMA brotherhood episodes in this article. Although you can skip the first episode of this series as it’s a filler one.

If you don’t watch them, you are still able to understand the entire story. Most anime lovers love to watch the filler episodes as these episodes demonstrate the characters in detail, but they are irrelevant to the story. It’s entirely up to you to watch or skip the filler episodes.