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Haikyuu Filler List 【Episode Guide】

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“Haikyuu” is a Japanese term that means “volleyball,” a well-known manga series is written by “HaruichiFurudate” having forty-five volumes.

The main character is Shoyo Hinata, a heightened short boy wanted to become a volleyball champion. The whole story was serialized in Shueisha Weekly Shonen Jump in 2012. While I.G. productions produce, the Haikyuu anime series started in 2014. Sentai Filmworks licensed Haikyuu anime series for home.

This sport-based comedy comic series got great fame in all years.

Fillers in Haikyuu Series

Before starting the filler list of the Haikyuu series, let discuss why fillers are essential in anime. They provide most of the information about the character, but they are not part of the canon. Mostly they come at a horrible time, but sometimes it’s fun to watch them. But if you want to complete the whole series quickly, you can skip filler; they are totally a waste of time. The entire Haikyuu series contains 0% fillers that why it’s worth watching. There are almost three completed seasons available on Netflix and many other television networks.

Japan gets all of the episodes as soon as it is released, but there is no filler in its entire anime. Despite four-season having a total of 85 episodes but have no fillers make it is the most popular series.

Haikyuu Filler Episodes List:

None, Haikyuu has no Filler episodes.

Haikyuu Manga Canon Episodes:

1-85 Episodes

Haikyuu Seasons

The whole story is split into four seasons, starting from 2014 and still streaming on different television channels. You can watch all of its three seasons on Netflix, but season 4 is not available there.

Season 1

Haikyuu Season 1 episode list aired from 6 April 2014 to 21 September 2014, having 25 episodes.

Season 2

The complete Haikyuu season 2-episodes aired on 4 October 2015 and end on 27 March 2016, having 25 episodes.

Season 3

The title was “HaikyuKarasuno High school vs. Shiratorizawa Academy.” It was aired from 7 October 2016 to 9 December 2016, having ten episodes. Sentai Filmworks also licensed the third season having “Hikariare” and “MishiMashi” as their ending and opening theme songs.

Season 4

The title was “Haikyuu to the top.” This season was aired on 11 January 2020, having 13 episodes only. The fourth season was planned to be released in two cour. The first cour contains 13 episodes while the second one contains 12 episodes. It’s opening and ending song was “Toppako” and “One Day” respectively.

Haikyuu Episode List:

End and BeginningMANGA CANON2014-04-06
Karasuno High School’s Volleyball ClubMANGA CANON2014-04-13
The Formidable AllyMANGA CANON2014-04-20
The View From the SummitMANGA CANON2014-04-27
A Coward’s AnxietyMANGA CANON2014-05-04
An Interesting TeamMANGA CANON2014-05-11
Versus the Great KingMANGA CANON2014-05-18
He Who Is Called “Ace”MANGA CANON2014-05-25
A Toss to the AceMANGA CANON2014-06-01
YearningMANGA CANON2014-06-08
DecisionMANGA CANON2014-06-15
The Neko-Karasu ReunionMANGA CANON2014-06-22
RivalMANGA CANON2014-06-29
Formidable OpponentsMANGA CANON2014-07-06
RevivalMANGA CANON2014-07-13
Winners and LosersMANGA CANON2014-07-20
The Iron WallMANGA CANON2014-07-27
Guarding Your BackMANGA CANON2014-08-03
ConductorsMANGA CANON2014-08-10
Oikawa Tōru is not a GeniusMANGA CANON2014-08-17
Senpai’s True AbilitiesMANGA CANON2014-08-24
EvolutionMANGA CANON2014-08-31
The Point that Changes the MomentumMANGA CANON2014-09-07
Removing the Lonely KingMANGA CANON2014-09-14
The Third DayMANGA CANON2014-09-21
Let’s Go To Tokyo!!MANGA CANON2015-10-04
Direct SunlightMANGA CANON2015-10-11
Townsperson BMANGA CANON2015-10-18
Center AceMANGA CANON2015-10-25
GreedMANGA CANON2015-11-01
TempoMANGA CANON2015-11-08
MoonriseMANGA CANON2015-11-15
Illusionary HeroMANGA CANON2015-11-22
UmbrellaMANGA CANON2015-11-29
GearsMANGA CANON2015-12-05
Up AboveMANGA CANON2015-12-12
Match Begins!!MANGA CANON2015-12-19
Simple, Pure StrengthMANGA CANON2015-12-26
Growing FastMANGA CANON2016-01-09
PlaygroundMANGA CANON2016-01-16
To the NextMANGA CANON2016-01-23
The Fight of the SpinelessMANGA CANON2016-01-30
The LosersMANGA CANON2016-02-06
The Iron Wall Can Be Constructed Any Number of TimesMANGA CANON2016-02-13
Wiping AwayMANGA CANON2016-02-20
The BreakerMANGA CANON2016-02-27
The Fight of the Previously SpinelessMANGA CANON2016-03-05
TeamMANGA CANON2016-03-12
Switch for the Utmost LimitMANGA CANON2016-03-19
Declaration of WarMANGA CANON2016-03-26
GreetingsMANGA CANON2016-10-07
The Threat of “Left”MANGA CANON2016-10-14
The Halo Around the MoonMANGA CANON2016-10-28
Individual VS NumbersMANGA CANON2016-11-04
The Chemical Change of EncountersMANGA CANON2016-11-11
ObsessionMANGA CANON2016-11-18
An Annoying GuyMANGA CANON2016-11-25
The Volleyball IdiotsMANGA CANON2016-12-02
The Battle of ConceptsMANGA CANON2016-12-09
Self-IntroductionMANGA CANON2020-01-10
LostMANGA CANON2020-01-17
PerspectiveMANGA CANON2020-01-24
Take It EasyMANGA CANON2020-01-31
HungerMANGA CANON2020-02-07
EnhancementsMANGA CANON2020-02-14
ReturnMANGA CANON2020-02-21
ChallengerMANGA CANON2020-02-28
Everyone’s NightMANGA CANON2020-03-06
Battle LinesMANGA CANON2020-03-13
A Chance to ConnectMANGA CANON2020-03-20
VividMANGA CANON2020-03-27
The Second DayMANGA CANON2020-04-03
RhythmMANGA CANON2020-10-02
FoundMANGA CANON2020-10-09
Broken HeartMANGA CANON2020-10-16
Cats vs. MonkeysMANGA CANON2020-10-23
TrapMANGA CANON2020-10-30
The Ultimate ChallengersMANGA CANON2020-11-06
LeaderMANGA CANON2020-11-13
HeroMANGA CANON2020-11-20
PitonsMANGA CANON2020-11-27
The Birth of the Serene KingMANGA CANON2020-12-04
Monster’s BallMANGA CANON2020-12-11
The Promised LandMANGA CANON2020-12-18

Original Video Animation History:

OVA is released in a home video format without showing in theatres; let’s look at the Haikyuu OVA list.

  1. The Arrival of Haiba Lev on 2014
  2. VS Failing Grades on 2016
  3. Land VS Sky 2016
  4. The Path of the Ball in 2020

Haikyuu Theme and Characters:

The story revolves around a high school student, “Hinata Shoyo.” After watching a volleyball championship on T.V.

Hinata wanted to become a volleyball champion like the star player he watched on T.V. A national championship triggered the love of volleyball, and he joined his school volleyball club.

Due to his short height, he was nicknamed “Little Giant.” Sadly, Shoyo’s club had no member and no place to practice.

However, he continues his struggle to get into the final match of middle school.

Unfortunately, his biggest dream, bone-tired as Shoyo team, faced a crushing defeat in their first official game that was steamrolled by Junior Championship, including the superstar player “TobiaKageyama.” Shoyo does not abandon hope and wants to vow revenge.

That’s why Hinata applied to the “Karasuno high school volleyball club” to defeat his most hated rival. But Kageyama and Shoyo end up becoming teammates.

The undefeatable personality of Kageyama and the cool qualities of Hinata’s athleticism create new volleyball tactics.

This extraordinary combination of two champions in a team makes a strange alliance. Both of them are filled with fun and inspiration for their teammates.

Here is the list of main characters who are the base of the whole story.

  1. Shoyo Hinata.
  2. KeishinUkai
  3. Daichi Sawamura
  4. Koshi Sugawara
  5. Ryunosuke Tanaka
  6. Tadashi Yamaguchi
  7. Kei Tsukishima
  8. Asahi Azumane
  9. Yu Nishinoya
  10. TobiaKageyama

To Sum Up

Despite smaller in height, Shoyo Hinata having an energetic and boisterous personality. He is fond of getting higher ranks in volleyball, and he practices more to learn new skills. He has a multitude of foibles to defeats powerhouse schools.

Moreover, Hinata and Kageyama made an undefeatable combination or a formidable team to climb higher volleyball ranks.

Their story of encapsulating teamwork, competition, and friendship got great fame and everyone’s favorite.

However, we have provided a list of Haikyuu episodes. Still, we have not discussed any filler list in the whole article because there is no filler reported across the entire series.

It better to watch as you don’t need to skip any of the episodes for fillers.


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