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Monogatari Watch Order 2022 [Complete Guide] 

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Monogatari is a tough collection, to begin with for anime lovers. However, this guide we organized to observe the series will introduce you to a tremendous anime. This Monogatari series is quite renowned and famous in the anime world. At times who are new users of the series, they get a bit confused and they find it difficult to decide which series they should start watching. So for that, you don’t need to worry at all. In this article, I will guide you through everything from characters to plots, from a journey to the destination. This is quite a unique series having multiple characters with different storylines.

Every single character has its own identity and role in the series. Every character has a different theme however everyone is extraordinary and provides pleasure to the story. You can watch the series in multiple ways. For your ease, I have explained all the important details of the series in this article. So you don’t have to stress about anything, just read this article and you are ready to watch. 

Monogatari Watch Order 2022

If you follow the chronological order you will develop a bond with the characters and the story. 

  • Kizumonogatari
  • Nekomonogatari: Kuro
  • Bakemonogatari
  • Nisemonogatari
  • Monogatari Series – Mayoi Jiangshi
  • Monogatari Series – Shinobu Time
  • Owarimonogatari (First Season) – Shinobu Mail
  • Monogatari Series – Tsubasa Tiger
  • Owarimonogatari (First Season) – Ougi Formula, Sodachi Riddle, Sodachi Lost
  • Series – Nadeko Medusa and Hitagi End
  • Tsukimonogatari
  • Owarimonogatari (Second Season)
  • Zoku Owarimonogatari
  • Hanamonogatari
  • Koyomimonogatari

However, as we stated before, in case you are simply beginning out, a release order is a great option for you. Here is the chronological order of the Monogatari collection. Some anime are amazing productions to look at over and again. In case you want to watch the entire series all over again still for that chosen chronological order. 

Monogatari series anime order to watch is very must. The watch order of Monogatari series anime orders is as follows. Monogatari anime order on Reddit is also the same as chronologically. Many people question what is the order of Monogatari. Here I have explained the order in detail. 

First Season

  • Bakemonogatari (2009)
  • Nisemonogatari (2012)
  • Nekomonogatari Black (2012)
  • Second Season
  • Monogatari Series Second Season (2013)
  • Hanamonogatari (2014)

Final Season

  • Tsukimonogatari (2014)
  • Owarimonogatari (2015)
  • Koyomimonogatari (2016)
  • Kizumonogatari Part 1: Tekketsu (2016)
  • Kizumonogatari Part 2: Nekketsu (2016)
  • Kizumonogatari Part 3: Reiketsu (2017)
  • Owarimonogatari (Part 2) (2017)
  • Zoku Owarimonogatari (2018)

Off Season

  • Orokamonogatari (TBA)
  • Wazamonogatari (TBA)
  • Nademonogatari (TBA)
  • Musubimonogatari (TBA)

Monster Season

  • Shinobumonogatari (TBA)
  • Yoimonogatari (TBA)
  • Amarimonogatari (TBA)
  • Ougimonogatari (TBA)
  • Shi No Monogatari (TBA)

Tips for people who are watching Monogatari for the first time? 

Here are a few major tips for watching Monogatari, especially for new viewers. 

  1. Monogatari is one of the most-watched anime. It has multiple characters and the setting of the plot is beyond amazing. There are small incidents, journeys, and subjects included in the series. 
  2. Don’t worry regarding the series and put your entire focus on our tips. 
  3. Pausing and studying the textual content is not very mandatory. 
  4. At times people get bored because of the textual content being displayed along.
  5. You don’t really want to study the textual content, you can enjoy the series without reading it too.
  6. Of course, studying the textual content will make for a better understanding.

Release Date Order 

If you are totally in favor of the publisher then watching it according to the release order is a great deal. Those who have observed the show since 2009 have selected this route, and that is a comprehensible option. This is a great option once the series is aired on television. If you watch the entire series with proper release order you are surely going to enjoy it and you won’t miss a chance. For a few people, it’s perfect to watch Kizumonogatari, however, consider it this way. Do you need to look at Star Wars from the primary film or with the release order? Here is the detailed list of release orders of the Monogatari series.

Bakemonogatari was released in 2009. Nisemonogatari aired in 2011. Nekomonogatari Kuro was launched in 2012. Monogatari Series Second Season was in huge demand and it got launched in 2013. Hanamonogatari was aired in 2014. Tsukimonogatari was released in 2014. Owarimonogatari was launched in 2015. Koyomimonogatari aired in 2016 and Owarimonogatari Part 2 was released in 2017. Zoku Owarimonogatari aired in 2018.

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In what order should Monogatari be watched?

Altogether there are five major seasons in which this series is set up. Initially, you need to watch the first Season. Once watched you can start the second Season. Later go for the Final Season which is basically off-season, and the last to watch Monster Season. Every season has its unique Monogatari having different arcs. 

  • The first season consists of two stories and was launched in 2012 but got a hiatus up till 2015. Later, the film was released in January 2016. 
  • The Second Season has five different stories having different plots. All books were launched after one year after the launch. 
  • Final Season consists of the major arc story in the series. It has an arch book with the ONA series. It was launched in 2019. 
  • Off-Season has multiple stories having different storylines. In this series, no anime has been adapted. 
  • Monster Season has various stories that will be released in summer 2022. 

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