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Samurai Champloo Filler List + Canon List 【Episode Guide】

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Samurai Champloo is a Japanese anime series illustrated and written by Manglobe. Its production team mainly includes three people—a mechanical designer named Mahiro Maeda, a character designer named Kazuto Nakazawa, and the director Shinichirō Watanabe.

The series was first aired on May 20, 2004, in Japan on Fuji TV, and the final episode was launched on March 19, 2005.

It was dubbed in the English language by the Japanese music, art production enterprise Geneon Entertainment that has the license for the release in North American.

Furthermore, it was dubbed and released in the United Kingdom by MVM Films and in Australia and New Zealand by Madman Entertainment.

Samurai Champloo Filler Episodes:

  • None
  • None
  • No episode is a filler.

Manga Canon Episodes:


Samurai Champloo Episode List:

1Tempestuous TemperamentsMANGA CANON2004-05-20
2Redeye ReprisalMANGA CANON2004-06-03
3Hellhounds for Hire, Part 1MANGA CANON2004-06-10
4Hellhounds for Hire, Part 2MANGA CANON2004-06-17
5Artistic AnarchyMANGA CANON2004-06-24
6Stranger SearchingMANGA CANON2004-07-01
7A Risky RacketMANGA CANON2004-07-08
8The Art of AltercationMANGA CANON2004-07-15
9Beatbox BanditsMANGA CANON2004-07-22
10Lethal LunacyMANGA CANON2004-07-29
11Gamblers and GallantryMANGA CANON2004-08-05
12The Disorder DiariesMANGA CANON2004-08-12
13Misguided Miscreants, Part 1MANGA CANON2004-08-26
14Misguided Miscreants, Part 2MANGA CANON2004-09-02
15Bogus BootyMANGA CANON2004-09-09
16Lullabies of the Lost, Verse 1MANGA CANON2004-09-16
17Lullabies of the Lost, Verse 2MANGA CANON2004-09-23
18War of the WorldsMANGA CANON2005-01-22
19Unholy UnionMANGA CANON2005-01-29
20Elegy of Entrapment, Verse 1MANGA CANON2005-02-05
21Elegy of Entrapment, Verse 2MANGA CANON2005-02-12
22Cosmic CollisionsMANGA CANON2005-02-19
23Baseball BluesMANGA CANON2005-02-26
24Evanescent Encounter, Part 1MANGA CANON2005-03-05
25Evanescent Encounter, Part 2MANGA CANON2005-03-12
26Evanescent Encounter, Part 3MANGA CANON2005-03-19

Samurai Champloo Story Background

The series is basically based on the theme of the Edo-era of Japan that was between 1603 and 1868 when Japan was ruled by the Tokugawa shogunate.

The story revolves around three main characters: Mugen, an impertinent and freedom-loving tramp samurai, Fuu, who works as a waitress in a restaurant; Jin, a tranquil and impassive ronin.

Samurai Champloo has many similarities to Cowboy Bebop, who was also directed by the same director Shinichirō Watanabe.

The story is influenced by the Edo era, and most of the scenes are similar to that historical period.

Moreover, the scenes reflect some of the historical events in Japan’s history, including the Shimabara Rebellion, Dutch exclusivity, and some real personalities.

Samurai Champloo Story Theme

The story starts with a restaurant and specifically a waitress named Fuu. Some samurai try to harass her, and she gets saved by mysterious knave Mugen and Jin. After saving the girl, Mugen finds Jin a worthy opponent to attack and starts fighting him.

They start fighting, and their fight leads to the cause of the death of ShibuiTomonoshina, who was the son of a magistrate.

The court decides to execute both of them under the murder of the magistrate’s son.

Before their execution, Fuu rescues them, and together they escape the execution.

After leaving the area, Fuu asks them a favor in return. She asks them to travel with her and find “the samurai who smells of sunflowers.” This is where their journey starts to get what they were looking for.

Character’s Background

There are mainly three characters around which the whole story revolves that are Mugen, Fuu, and Jin. The characters are out together to find “the samurai who smells of sunflowers.

” Let’s look at their background one by one that will clear the story and reflect each character’s goals and personality.

  1. Jin: he is 20 years old ronin (samurai without any master). He uses his waist-strung daishō to fight in the traditional style, the way all the regular samurai fight. He has killed many masters in self-defense in the past, and that is why many dojo members are inspired by him and follow him for his capabilities. He wears a stylish pair of glasses that were famous in that era makes the character attractive. The title image shows he smokes a pipe, but you will never see him smoking that pipe in the series.
  2. Mugen: he is 18 years old, bold, homeless from the penal colony of the Ryukyu Islands. Unlike Jin, he fights in unusual wild styles such as psychotic, temperamental, arrogant, lewd, vulgar, and rude. He loves to fight, and any small reason is enough for him to start a fight that makes him sort of an anti-hero character. He carries a foreign sai-handled sword on his back and wears old traditional footwear. The word Mugen means infinite in the Japanese language, and he was a former pirate as well.
  3. Fuu: she is an energetic 15 years old girl who asks Mugen and Jin to find “the samurai who smells of sunflowers.” Her father left her mother and her because of some reason not mentioned in the series. She lived hard days with her mother until she died of illness. After working in the restaurant as a waitress, she goes on an adventure with the other two characters.

Number of Episodes and Fillers of Samurai Champloo

The anime series was aired between 2004 and 2005 on Japanese TV, and the total number of episodes was 26. The entire story was concluded in these 26 episodes only, and no further need for season two.

The first episode was “Stormy Temperaments,” and the last episode was “Vicissitudes de la Vida y la Muerte (3ª part)” to complete the whole story beautifully.

We have made it easy for you by listing the number of episodes of Samurai Champloo and Samurai Champloo filler list.

The fillers are the episodes that do not relate to the story but are necessary to elaborate the characters or fill up the space left behind. S

amurai Champloo’s list and episodes summary or guide will make the whole story very clear. Do not get yourself in any trouble finding the fillers manually when we already have a Samurai Champloo filler list.


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